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 DAMOMICS Moves into new offices

Finally - our phones are working.   Call (607) 732-5122 

We are getting settled in hour "new location"

New address:  100 N Main St.  Suite 321, Elmira NY

Please use the phone menu system to the correct assistance voicemail queue and leave a detailed message enabling staff to identify the immediate need requests first.  (i.e. extension 2, 1 for Counterpoint V7 and 2,2 for Counterpoint SQL)  Dialing 0 for "operator" or 1 for "emergency" will possibly delay a response.

Full article   Pictures of Demolition

damomics can help

DAMOMICS helps your small business grow

With our team, we can help with your Network Design and Engineering, Managed Services and Counterpoint Installation and Support!

It's time for Inventory.  

DAMOMICS has handheld units available to rent.

See article on Physical Count.            Email DAMOMICS to reserve units

ncr counterpiont software1

DAMOMICS features NCR Counterpoint Software

Take a look at our New NCR Counterpoint Software.  We make your life simplier with our new
featured wireless adds ons and applications.

Chuck Hafners Spring 2012 Gift Card

DAMOMICS – produces Gift and Loyalty Cards

Order now for the upcoming holiday season


gc marketingUse Gift Cards to your Advantage.

Gift Cards Should be your number one SKU. They should be used for all promotions, traffic and average ticket booster, etc. Don't let cash out your door.

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Busy Season Checklist

Download our FREE Busy Season Checklist, and learn how to test your POS Systems and Backup your Machines!

Network and Credit Card Security

Are you processing credit cards? 
If you are you might need to increase your level of  network security.
Sign up or call today for more information.

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