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“They understand retailing and how it works Rick Segel* on Ron & Gloria Friedman


Learn about what marketing ideas WORK! 

Working with hundreds of small Retailers and Restaurants across New England, we have been able to establish marketing programs that anyone can implement immediately.  You don’t even need a computer POS system to utilize many of these ideas, (although a good POS computer system can assist in managing and analyzing the results).


Learn about the REAL psychology of Gift Certificates and Gift Cards and what REALLY WORKS! It is NOT GOOD to have too many un-redeemed Gift Cards! We will teach you how to RAISE your Average Ticket and INCREASE customer visits to your business!

Receive samples of Vendor sponsored programs with a 30% RESPONSE RATE!

STOP giving cash to your customers in order to make a sale!

Grow Your Bottom Line!

Next Webinar Dates:    September 28  noon-1PM

October 11, November 15, December 4  1PM-2PM

Loyalty Programs (Why? & How?)

Same days as above 3pm – 4pm

Each Attendee receives (at no charge):

   Rick Segel’s    The Retailing     Business Kit for Dummies**


  *Rick Segel is the internationally renowned author of The Retailing Business Kit for Dummies, Laugh & Get Rich, Open to Thrive, among others.  **** after returning a brief completed webinar survey

www.damomics.com                        www.ricksegel.com     www.theretailersadvantage.net 

There is no product selling in this seminar. Seminar may be recorded for future promotional use.

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