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Gloria Friedman started DAMOMICS in 1982 as a programmers shop. DAMOMICS stands for Development And Modification Of MIcroComputer Software. During the course of work, requests would come in for custom built computers, parts, service and accessories. Thus the DAMOMICS store location on 120 Water Street was purchased.

Through the years, DAMOMICS adapted to serve the needs of its customer base in the Twin Tiers. In speaking with several business customers, there was a clear need for Point of Sale software in the local business community. Ron & Gloria researched and demoed all of the available POS software and hardware at the time and came to the conclusion that Radiant CounterPoint was the best option with the widest industry scope.

Ron & Gloria have excellent relations with their customers as well as ties to the community (being members of the Chamber of Commerce since DAMOMICS inception) and being a strong supporter of community events. With the creation of the DAMOMICS User’s Conference in 2005, the owners cultivate an environment where their clients can mingle, learn new CounterPoint options as well as preview services from a wide range of vendors.

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